In addition to our foundation principles, here’s how things will work at the red ‘Traffic Light’ colour.

  • All staff/coaches and kids onsite are captured in the attendance system to support contact tracing.
  • No non-essential visitors are allowed onsite, and programmes will follow the lead of the school as to parent/caregiver pick up/drop off of children processes.
  • Parent/caregivers allowed onsite cannot go past the marked sign in/out area.
  • Visitors onsite are required to sign the Contact Tracing Register and must meet other health requirements applicable at the time (face coverings, 2 metre distancing from others).
  • Staff and coaches will wear masks while indoors, and when in close proximity to others.
  • Staff and coaches are provided with guidance on how to put on, wear and remove face coverings safely.
  • Groupings of up to 20 kids will be maintained to enable easy identification of who kids have interacted with if any person in the programme tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Where there are multiple groupings, the groups will maintain a distance of 1 metre from each other indoors.
  • Where practicable, groupings will be split into age groups of Years 1 to 3 and Years 4 and above.
  • When grouped like this, Years 4 and above must wear masks.
  • However, where not practicable (for example, when the size of the programme doesn’t allow for multiple groupings and there will be a mixture of year levels in one grouping), a pragmatic approach will be taken which will align with the approach of the school to ensure an inclusive and consistent environment is created. In these circumstances, face coverings may be made optional for children in Years 4 and above.
  • Regardless of groupings or the wearing of masks, programmes will operate with physical distancing in place (we use our specialised ‘Aeroplane Arms’ guide) as an added precaution within each group, and the programme as a whole.
  • The Kelly Club ‘Games for Physical Distancing’ guide will be followed in the preparation for, and running of, games and activities.
  • Exercising (and singing) must be held outdoors.
  • Access to sports equipment and playgrounds can take place, but good hygiene practices will be observed before and after playing.
  • When food is served at the programme, the Ministry of Primary Industries guidelines are followed.
  • Food will be served outside wherever practicable.
  • For event days and trip days, the programme will work with the provider (including transport provider) to ensure the location specific risk assessment and safety measures are followed for the CPF setting.

Red ‘Traffic Light’ Colour Guidelines


Orange ‘Traffic Light’ Colour Guidelines


Green ‘Traffic Light’ Colour Guidelines