After launching in Australia in 1994, Kelly Sports first came to New Zealand in 2007.

We’ve now grown to a fantastic team of 36 Kelly Sports managers and hundreds of coaches, whose mission is to get kids active and passionate about sports and physical activity. We coach over 60,000 kids throughout Australasia every week.

At Kelly Sports, we encourage kids to have fun and give sport a go. Physical activity sets kids up for a better life by improving fitness, building confidence, developing communication skills, teaching respect and empathy, and giving them a positive outlet to channel their energy.

Our programmes are delivered both after-school and in-school curriculum time. Kelly Sports is continually building strong relationships with sporting bodies and clubs, as this is paramount for keeping kids active and involved in sport. Our vision is to continue to grow and inspire kids throughout New Zealand.

Craig Bowen Managing Director, Kelly Sports NZ

We’re dedicated to promoting physical literacy and a lifelong love of sports.

Supporting kids

Physical activity is so important for our children. At Kelly Sports, we're committed to helping kids learn the fundamentals of sport, improving their motor skills and coordination through multi-sport programmes. Not only does this boost their skills and fitness levels, but it also gives them the confidence to join local clubs or teams, setting them up for lifelong involvement in sports.

Supporting parents

Life is busy, and it can be hard to fit everything into each day. That's why our programmes run before, during and after school, as well as in the holidays, making it easy for parents to give their kids quality sports coaching, even if they're stuck at work.

Supporting schools

With pressures to increase numeracy, literacy and reporting, teachers have become more stretched than ever before. Kelly Sports’ expert coaches offer in-school programmes to help principals and teachers give young learners a love of sports. We also provide professional development sessions for teachers, aiding with sports skills, lesson planning, materials and activities, and fundamental movement skills programmes at preschools or kindergartens.

Qualified coaches

All our coaches complete comprehensive training to ensure that they have the knowledge and the skills to deliver top-quality training sessions.

OSCAR approved by MSD

Kelly Sports programmes meet the MSD’s Standards for Approval for OSCAR programmes, which means that if you qualify for an OSCAR subsidy, you can put it towards the cost of your child’s programme. All our programmes are reviewed annually to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Peace of mind

All Kelly Sports staff who work with children enrolled in our OSCAR programmes are police vetted, and these safety checks are repeated every three years. We are committed to the recognition and prevention of child abuse in our community and support the roles of statutory agencies such as Oranga Tamariki. Our FUNdamentals programmes also support the Te Whãriki early-childhood curriculum policy statement.

Cure Kids helps children live healthier, happier lives by funding more than $10 million worth of medical research across 60 different projects.

When we were looking for a charity with goals that aligned with our vision of providing kids with somewhere they can have fun and be educated in a safe and caring environment, Cure Kids stood out as an obvious choice.

We have a great working relationship with Cure Kids, and we love it when their child ambassadors come and spend time with our team. This helps to keep things real and gives us a first-hand opportunity to see how we are helping make a difference to the health of kids with life-threatening illnesses.

Raised for Cure Kids


We run programmes at convenient locations all over New Zealand.