Our in-school curriculum programmes are designed to complement the existing sport and PE schedules of New Zealand schools.

These programmes:

  • Are targeted for specific age groups
  • Can be one-off sessions or held over several weeks
  • Deliver quality sports training to children while providing PD for teachers
  • Include lesson plans and materials for teachers
  • Train and support teachers to continue programmes independently
  • Ensure children learn by having fun

Let your kids enjoy the fun of Kī o Rahi, all while learning te reo and Māori tikanga outside the classroom!

Kelly Sports are excited to offer you our Kī o Rahi programme. Actively learn Pūrākau o Kī o Rahi by playing the tākaro and connecting to whakapapa a rohe.

Kī o Rahi is a traditional Māori game based on a Pūrākau or legend of Rahitutakahina and the rescue of his wife Tiarakurapakewai. The legend predates European arrival in New Zealand (pre-1870s) and the game itself has Māori tikanga, the Māori culture. For Kelly Sports, we love bringing it into schools.

The Kī o Rahi programme is available at schools as a six-week programme or a sports day. Want Kī o Rahi at your school? Get in touch with your school or your local Kelly Sports contact.

FUNdamentals is a programme designed especially for preschool-aged children.

Kelly Sports coaches can visit your early-childhood centre for 1-2 hours per week, teaching fundamental movement and sporting skills appropriate for younger children. This provides them with new confidence and encourages a love of physical activity that can last a lifetime. Our preschool programme also supports Te Whãriki, the Ministry of Education early-childhood curriculum policy statement, by helping nurture children’s wellbeing.

FUNdamentals teaches your preschoolers:

  • Locomotor skills
  • Stability skills
  • Manipulation skills

We run programmes at convenient locations all over New Zealand.