Sports Clinic
Dunedin Kelly Sports

Izzy Gold

027 695 8004

Mornington School Sport Programme Term 2 2024

Mornington School

34 Elgin Road, Dunedin

15 May 2024 — 26 Jun 2024

Year 0-6

7 weeks
1`5th May - 26th June

Term 2 Sports: Netball, Basketball, and Hockey & Kids choice to finish

The weekly sports based programme gives children skills and confidence in a fun and enjoyable environment. It also encourages their enthusiasm for sport and the life skills that such involvement brings - giving them confidence to join sport clubs and teams in the future.

We will meet each week by the court, come in and join the fun!

Available Sessions

Kelly Sports Clinic (7 weeks) (3:10pm to 4:10pm)

Dunedin Kelly Sports

Izzy Gold

027 695 8004