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Term 2 - Spring Into Winter sports! (0-4 Years)

Ngaio School

45 Abbott Street, Ngaio

8 May 2024 — 26 Jun 2024

years 0-4

"We are implementing automatic re-enrollment for Kelly Sports After School Session attendees.
If your child no longer wishes to attend Kelly Sports then please let us know by emailing and we will cancel their re-enrollment for the following term, otherwise their name will appear on the roll".
Spring Into Winter Sports! (Yrs 0-4)
This is a great way to improve your child’s motor skills and coordination within a FUN environment. We aim to develop and enhance balls skills; catching, kicking and throwing, while improving strength, flexibility, hand/eye coordination and spatial awareness. With two weeks each of Netball, Football, Basketball and Rippa Rugby!. We teach new skills and improve ability by using games, drills and exercises. It’s a great way to try new sports, improve skills and maintain fitness – all while having FUN!
Sessions start Weds 8 May cost is $112 for 8 weeks.
Meeting Place - The children meet under the shade sail on the top field.
If Wet - If it is wet the session will be run in the Ngaio Town Hall. (an email will be sent to advise).
Pick up will be from here.
If your child goes to after school care our coaches will drop them off.

Available Sessions

Kelly Sports Clinic (8 weeks) (3:05pm to 4:05pm)

Wellington Kelly Sports

Mark & Janine Sorenson

021 972 728