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Craig Bowen

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Carncot School - Term 3 Winter Sports After School Programme 2022
Carncot School

263 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North

25 Jul 2022 — 30 Sep 2022

Year 0-4

Warm Up Winter Sports

Come and enjoy a 1 hour Sports clinic straight after school for 8 weeks
This weekly programme is a great way to improve your child’s motor skills and coordination within a FUN environment. We aim to develop and enhance ball skills, catching, kicking, and throwing, while improving strength, flexibility, hand/eye coordination and spatial awareness.
We change sports every 2 weeks, so they are constantly enthused for something new while also building life skills that such involvement brings - giving them confidence to join sports clubs and teams in the future.

Meeting Place - Astroturf courts
If Wet - Depending on Indoor Availability alternatively makeup session later in term if postponed. Main Contact will be updated throughout the day via text to advise on any cancellation news

We start Week 1 - Wednesday 3rd August

Available Sessions

Kelly Sports Clinic (8 weeks) (3:05pm to 4:05pm)

Manawatu Kelly Sports

Craig Bowen

027 668 0636