Sports Clinic
Manawatu Kelly Sports

Craig Bowen

027 668 0636

North Street School After School Programme Term 2 2022
North Street School

52 North Street, Feilding

9 May 2022 — 29 Jun 2022

Year 0-4

his weekly programme is a great way to improve your child’s motor skills and coordination within a FUN environment. We aim to develop and enhance balls skills, catching, kicking, and throwing, while improving strength, flexibility, hand/eye coordination and spatial awareness.
We change sports every 2 weeks, so they are constantly enthused for something new while also building life skills that such involvement brings - giving them confidence to join sports clubs and teams in the future.

Meeting Place: School Field/Court area
If Wet: Contact will be made with School & Parents

Come and enjoy a 1-hour sports clinic straight after school

Available Sessions

Kelly Sports Clinic (8 weeks) (3:05pm to 4:05pm)

Manawatu Kelly Sports

Craig Bowen

027 668 0636